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I welcome you to my website.

My name is Bethany BLYTHIN and I am a clinical psychologist.  

Asking for help is never easy and taking this first step than contacting a professional is sometimes even less so. It's never easy to find someone you can trust to help you achieve better well-being.

Then, there are so many different β€œshrinks”, with different training, that it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and lost when it comes to choosing a therapist.

I decided to write this website in order to facilitate access to the necessary information regarding psychology, its different fields, and therefore, its various existing supports, so that everyone can make a personalized choice. and adapted to his individual needs.

Although I am convinced that everyone can benefit from self-improvement, not everyone needs to start psychotherapy. I believe that psychoeducation is a right and is a fundamental part of my work.

So, anyone curious to learn and better understand a little more about psychology, could find answers by browsing my website. I try to make the content as accessible as possible for everyone. For psychology students or for those who simply wish to delve into a subject, it is also possible.

If you want to know a little more about me and what I do, feel free to click on the β€œWho am I?” Button. There you will also find my contact details to make an appointment or simply to contact me if you have any questions.

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As I said above, there are several branches of psychology. Depending on their sector of activity, the psychologist does not have the same training and does not intervene in the same way.

Then how to know if it is necessary to consult a psychoLOGUE and not a psychIATER or a psychoTHERAPIST or even a psychANALYST ????

To learn more about the difference between the different professionals and their field of action, click on the button "Et psy on en parlait?" "

Enough about me, what about you? Who are you and how can I help you?

I receive anyone who needs help, that is to say, the very young as well as the oldest, in individual sessions, in family, in couple ... Please choose the category that best corresponds to your request.

Anyone can be interested in psychology! It is important to be informed and to always learn. I myself am very regularly in training or reading and keep myself abreast of the latest scientific advances. For those who are interested, here is a page dedicated only to psychoeducation!
Treat your neurons!

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Are you looking for a therapist but you don't know how to go about it? Often it is the first steps that are the most difficult. Leave me a little message and we'll move forward together.

I hope you enjoy reading it, see you soon!